The unified search engine that contributes to your company's knowledge.

Sifting through countless documents. Searching across multiple softwares for answers. Writing knowledge cards. Gathering practical feedback.

For your employees, that's just a line in their job description.
For Trampoline AI, that's the whole job.

“Average employees spend between 13% and 34% of their time struggling with internal information and documentation.”
McKinsey, 2021

The truth is out there...

...In three different conversations across four different softwares.

Trampoline synchronize all the information from the apps your business uses. This includes websites and external documentation you frequently work with.

We make all your information easy to find. Our search engine respects privacy and is built with the latest technology to give you quick and accurate results.

Now, you and your colleagues can always find what matters most in less than a second.

We liberate at least 3 hours of your employees' time per week and allow them to self-onboard on any projects in no time.

Knowledge management
client & employee experience.

Knowledge-related issues are eating your margins.

Get answers. Even when they don't exist.

Sometimes, the information we're looking for simply don't exist, or is unclear. Generative AI will hallucinate an answer. Trampoline, instead, identifies the right person to help you and forward them your query.

The answer is recorded so it's now part of the company's knowledge. Retaining and surfacing employee's knowledge has just become that much easier.

58% of employees identify the ability to quickly locate files and documents as one of their top three challenges when working from home.

Onboard anyone.
Two times faster.

"What does Linda need to know as a new compliance analyst on the XYZ file". A few seconds is all it takes to onboard new resources on any projects. Ask questions, get the documents you need, no matter where they are.

"What projects have we done in the past 5 years in the mining industry". "What is our current policy on the use of Generative AI".

60% of employees spend more time digging for documents than taking care of their emails. We think it's time for a change.

Forget keywords.
Forget everything.

A semantic search engine means that people don't need to know the right terms. This means that they won't miss an important piece of information because their query wasn't right. Trampoline understands what you meant.

41% of millennials are way more likely to struggle to find content than their Gen X peers. Maybe it's time we bring businesses on par with the rest of digital life.