Send twice as many sales proposals.

With half the work.

Trampoline is the AI-native proposal manager for sales teams.
Help your business excel at handling RFPs while protecting your internal resources' valuable time.

Remember your past RFPs answers and ask your teams the right questions for new ones.

We call it "content upcycling" - Trampoline prepares all the information you need in a few minutes and get your team organized.

Get answers. Not guesses.

Often, the information salespeople need to build a proposal is either missing or unclear. Trampoline identifies the right person in your organization, and forwards your query directly to them.

The answer is then recorded, becoming part of the company's knowledge base. Retaining and accessing employee knowledge has never been easier for salespeople.

58% of employees identify the ability to quickly locate files and documents as one of their top three challenges when working from home.

Onboard anyone.
Twice as fast.

"What does Linda need to know as a new sales representative?" With Trampoline, onboarding new team members can be done in seconds. Ask questions and get the answers you need, knowing that experts within your organization have directly contributed.

"What projects have we completed in the past 5 years in the mining industry?" "What are our current agreements with X and Y partners for data retention?"

60% of employees spend more time searching for documents than managing their emails. We think it's time for a change.

When your sales process meet their buying process.

RFPs is the way an increasing amount of businesses are buying from vendors. There is no point fighting it. Buyers with a buying process don't care about their vendor's selling process.

As a vendor, using Trampoline, you can forget templates and rigid process meant to support your sales process. You can welcome flexible, yet robust, custom sales process that adapt to your  prospect's buying process.